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Oil Filtration Systems: (Oil Filters)


Meets or exceed OEM Specifications.
Optimised filtration performance.
Capacity (Life)
Efficiency (Cleanliness)
Restriction to flow


Custom designed and developed filtration media.
Comprehensive range of filtration media.
Media combinations to suit the customers every lube filtration need.


Lube filtration for all the major applications to suit all markets off highway/on highway duty cycles.
Leader in Lube Filtrations for over 10 years.
Major laboratory testing facilities to assure product design and proven performance.

Air Filtration Systems: (Air Filters)


Broad range of filter products.
Designed to meet OE specifications.


Products designed to meet your business needs in cars, trucking, construction markets and others.


Saudi Filters sets the standard for delivering the products to your business when you need it.
Region wide presence ensures that as your business expands, Saudi Filters is there to support you.


Technical training tailored for your business.
Continuing education to keep your employees current on our products and their use.

Fuel Filtration System: (Fuel Filters)

Broad range of products that continue to grow everyday.
Engineering staff designing and testing new fuel filtration systems to meet the changing needs of customers.
Continued testing of the filters against OE specifications and the competition to ensure that products are the best in the industry.
Outstanding reputation within the industry.
Integral part of committees that represent SASO.

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